CFF’s Broadacre Carbon Program

Unlocking the carbon farming opportunity for Australian cropping enterprises. 

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What is CFF’s Broadacre Carbon Program?

A game-changer for broadacre operations looking to enter the carbon market.


In a nutshell, the Broadacre Carbon Program will allow Aussie broadacre enterprises to combine emission reduction, soil carbon sequestration, and tree planting activities under a single carbon methodology to earn carbon units under the Verra Verified Carbon Standard (VCS).


CFF’s Broadacre Carbon Program will be the first of its kind in Australia. Practices across emissions reduction, soil carbon and tree planting can be stacked together under the method. The program will be registered as a grouped project enabling service costs and risks to be spread across participating farms.

Uniting with Commonland to deliver a world-renowned carbon methodology to Australia.

To successfully deliver the Broadacre Carbon Program, the CFF has joined forces with Dutch foundation Commonland to bring the globally recognised Verra carbon methodology (VM0042 Improved Agricultural Land Management) to Australia within two years.


Verra’s top-tier global carbon units can be used towards carbon-neutral certification under Australian frameworks, including Climate Active.  Landowners can also hold the carbon credits or can sell the credits to other companies.



Eligible Activities under VM0042 Improved Agricultural Land Management Method

Emission Reduction Tree Sequestration Soil Sequestration
  • Reduced fertiliser application
  • Livestock feed supplements 
  • Improved grazing management
  • Reforestation 
  • Planting fodder for livestock
  • Rotational harvesting activities
  • Managing crop residues
  • Improved crop planting 
  • Stubble management
  • Tillage management
  • Application of soil enhancers

The 2023 Western Australian Pilot

Understanding the feasibility and practicality of the Broadacre Program in an Australian farming context.


As part of the Broadacre Carbon Program roll-out, CFF is running a 12-month research Pilot during the 2023 cropping season in Western Australia.


Accounting for 236,300 arable hectares, four landowners have signed up for the Broadacre Program’s pioneering Pilot. 


The Pilot enables landholders to be recognised with Verified Carbon Units (VCUs) for eligible pre-registration activities, meaning they can be rewarded for sustainability efforts and practice improvements prior to project registration.

The Pilot seeks to:

  • Identify the most suitable activities according to on-farm practicality and financial feasibility.
  • Understand the potential projected per-hectare carbon credits from different activities.
  • Allow participants to be recognised and credited for practice changes as early as possible.
  • Solve how the data required can be captured as simply and cost-effectively as possible.
  • Explore the potential for supply chain partners to bring value or incentives to participants.

Map of the 2023 Pilot. Click to expand.

Keen to Learn More or how you can Participate?

We’re currently accepting EOIs from cropping enterprises across Australia who may be interested in getting involved if our pilot program is successful.

Register your interest to stay up to date with the developments of the Broadacre Program and enrol in the next Pilot in the 2024 cropping season. We are accepting expressions of interest from all states in Australia as we expand the Program.

Are you a potential partner who would like to support the Pilot.

This includes tech partners, agronomists, researchers, funding and grant-making organisations, supply chain partners, grain industry advocates or associations who are interested in playing a part in the successful rollout of the Broadacre Program.


If you’re interested in learning more about how your organisation can become involved, please contact

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