Through utilising the GPS function of a mobile app, CFF finds an affordable and practical way to put carbon farming back in the hands of farmers

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CFF have developed a DIY Project Mapping Guide to help farmers more easily manage their carbon projects and save on third-party costs.


Our DIY Model 

Here at CFF, we are always looking for ways to help farmers setup and run their own carbon projects.

An opportunity for us to show our DIY stripes came about when we were providing support and services to the Weelhamby Carbon Project located near Perenjori in the north-east of Western Australia’s Wheatbelt.


During the design stage of the soil and reforestation project, CFF and the Weelhamby team realised that to maximise project success, it was critical to precisely map out a strategic project design to ensure carbon activity does not overlap, and productive areas are used efficiently.

Normally, this process of accurate project mapping would require the services of a surveyor, at substantial cost for the farmer. To help the Weelhamby team avoid these third-party costs, we set out to find a solution, understanding that it had to be practical, affordable, and easy to use.


How did we solve this?  

The CFF sourced a free smartphone app, AvenzaMaps, which features an inbuilt GPS function that would enable farmers to easily mark out their paddocks and tree planting areas themselves.


We then developed a DIY Mapping Guide to help farmers use the app to successfully identify carbon project areas and ensure regulatory accuracy requirements are met.


What were the results? 

With our Guide and app in their hands, the Weelhamby farming team was able to confidently undertake the required project mapping themselves and avoid expensive third-party costs. 

This user-friendly DIY guide is one of the many resources that CFF has developed to help farmers manage their carbon project. By using this guide alongside their local knowledge of the property and site conditions, farmers will be able to design an enhanced carbon project map, without the assistance (or added costs) of third parties.  

Keen to kick off your own carbon farming project? Want to learn more about how we can help you map your farm or our other DIY resources? Reach out at or visit the website at to see how we can support you in your carbon farming journey!