CFF helps ProTen deliver on their corporate sustainability pledge with a carbon reforestation project

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ProTen set to strategically integrate 200Ha of biodiverse plantings at their poultry farm in NSW in Autumn 2022

The CFF team is currently working with the broiler chicken farm operator, ProTen, to help them plant 200Ha of native biodiverse trees at their poultry farm in Southern NSW.


What was our Involvement?

The CFF team has been involved in this project from the outset.

This involved:

  • Conducting the initial feasibility report that spelt out the project opportunity and financial returns.
  • Distributed practical and easy to understand resources to help get the project off the ground.
  • Coordinating the project delivery and design to ensure it meets the regulatory guidelines and can successfully generate carbon credits.
  • Connecting Proten with trusted local specialists to help with the design and establishment of the project.

This project is a great opportunity for us to roll up our sleeves and help ProTen strategically integrate a carbon project throughout their existing operation, demonstrating how carbon farming can generate tangible economic and environmental results without locking up valuable farmland.

Broader Biodiversity and Sustainability Benefits of ProTen’s Carbon Project


With the knowledge and assistance of local tree planting experts, CFF helped ProTen’s finalise the project planting design in 2021. Through planting a diverse mix of native vegetation across the property, the design seeks to benefit ProTen’s sustainability pledge of planting 70,000 trees across its farms as well as enhancing local biodiversity.


Local flora and vegetation communities, as well as cultural heritage aspects, were a key consideration for the tree design and 20-30 native species which are a mixture of direct seed and seedlings will be planted across the property. These species will enhance the remnant vegetation on the property, including Black Box and Boree Woodland species. 

What are the Project’s Next Steps?  


As part of our service, CFF have connected ProTen with trusted local service providers, Cassina Environmental and Riverina Revegetation to undertake the on-the-ground delivery of the project. 

The project will be registered with the Clean Energy Regulator and once established, these planted trees will start generating carbon credits! 

Keen to see how reforestation projects can improve your corporate sustainability outcomes? Interested to see how you can implement a carbon farming project on your property without locking up your profitable farmland? Feel free to get in touch with us at or visit the website at to see how we could support you!