Cobram Estate Olives are pioneering the CFF’s ‘Do-It-Yourself’ Carbon Farming model!

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The carbon farming future looks bright for Cobram Estate Olives as they utilise CFF’s DIY model to undergo a carbon reforestation project on their Boundary Bend Property


Cobram Estate is using CFF’s low-cost DIY carbon farming model to plant and establish around 200Ha of mallee eucalypt and mixed native trees on their property in Boundary Bend, Victoria. 


The Future Only Gets Brighter for Cobram Estate  


Cobram Estate Olives has made sustainability a core component of their farming operations. This 200Ha of tree planting will serve as their first foray into carbon farming, and Cobram Estate intends to roll out more carbon projects across their properties in the coming years.


“Planting native trees is closely aligned with our core business operation of growing olive trees, which already enables us to store carbon,” says Leandro Ravetti, CEO of Cobram Estate Olives. “The carbon sequestered from planting these trees across the 200Ha will go towards further strengthening our carbon position.”  

Local Knowledge is Power


With two passionate Aussie farmers at the helm of Cobram Estate, this project was an exciting opportunity for us to join forces with Cobram Estate and blaze the carbon farming trail with a farmer-led reforestation project.

We were able to capitalise on the Cobram Estate’s local knowledge of site preparation and experience in tree planting to set this project up for success.

Putting the Project Back in the Farmer’s Hands 

To help clarify the process for the Cobram Estate Team, the CFF developed DIY resources and guides to break down the specific steps involved in a reforestation project. With these resources on hand, alongside their existing farm knowledge, the Cobram Estate team could confidently self-manage certain stages of the project and lower the project costs.

This project exclusively uses mixed natives and mallee eucalypt species planted in strategic locations across the property to mirror some of the existing vegetation found on the landscape.   

Our DIY Services in a Nutshell


With the local farmer’s knowledge to assist us, CFF assisted with the strategic planning of this project, including;

  • Breaking down the project opportunity and financial returns in a feasibility report
  • Developing and distributing our DIY Carbon software, resources and guides to help Cobram Estate choose the designated planting areas which generated the best carbon yields and ensured high survival rates
  • Producing a detailed work plan with all the activities to be planned from the start of the project up until the planting
  • Outlining an easy-to-understand propagation guide on how to propagate plantings successfully

Want to learn more about how we can help you run a carbon farming project using our low-cost DIY software and resources? Reach out at or visit the website at to see how we can support you in your carbon farming journey!