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CFF Reforestation Carbon Services

We can help get your reforestation carbon project set up and running successfully.

The CFF is a remote team that provides long-term support and services for the life cycle of a carbon project. We have a flexible feasibility, set up and ongoing project services that gives landowners the choice to use our remote services team as much or as little as needed.


We ensure our tailored reforestation feasibility assessments reflect the farmer’s capacity to either internalise tree establishment costs or outsource support. We provide introductions to foresters and options to verify their services for cost, quality, and compliance.

What is a Reforestation Project?

Let’s start with the basics.

A reforestation carbon project is when you plant, grow and maintain a permanent forest of native trees or vegetation on land where deforestation occurred over 5 years prior to the project starting.


Projects store carbon in trees as they grow, earning carbon credits over a 25-year crediting period. For every tonne of CO2 sequestered, you earn one carbon credit.

Some helpful resources to get you started.

Our Software

The tool you just tried is a sample of what is available in our Carbon Scout software product, where you can explore the potential CO2e yields, revenue, and costs of planting trees across your land.

Keen to Chat about a Carbon Project?

We’d love to hear about your property and help you explore the feasibility of a reforestation project.

Email us at or give us a bell at (08) 6835 1140 to be connected with one of our project facilitators.

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