Carbon Farming Streamlined

A software that will help you understand and manage your carbon farming project.


Carbon Scout is a software tool to quickly assess feasibility and find the best pockets of land for a reforestation carbon project.

How does it work?

Scout your project

Upload or map your farm, add project boundaries, walk-through the assumptions and check eligibility. 

Instantly generate carbon yield data via the Australian Government approved carbon model (FullCAM) to help decide where to plant your carbon crop.

Compare Scenarios

Model a range of different cost and revenue scenarios to uncover the most profitable option for you. 


Quickly get to the bottom line; with $ per hectare gross profit, $ cost per carbon credit produced, break-even, cashflows and more. 

Generate a report 



Order a 28-page desktop assessment report and feasibility guide. This will walk you through the next steps of the due diligence process.

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