Diversification. Made easy.

Our software helps you to understand and manage your new carbon revenue stream.


We are building a simple software platform that streamlines the entire process from start to finish:

Providing everything you need in one place. Built for the real-world of farming, our software breaks a carbon project down into bitesize step-by-step workflows. It will allow you to seamlessly manage a portfolio of carbon projects within one easy to use platform.

  • Map your carbon yields to target the sweet spots on your land.
  • Model different variables and costs to explore your profit per hectare.
  • Put project admin on autopilot; with 1-click reporting, alerts and a compliance calendar.
  • Integrate with your existing farm sensors and management tools for data capture and analytics.
  • Tools to secure project funding, engage sub-contractors, purchase inputs and trade carbon.

Current Features

Get started straight away with our free tools for assessing reforestation projects:

Explore your carbon yields

You can easily explore how many tonnes of CO2e (carbon units) each hectare of your farm could generate.


We use the Australian Government’s approved FullCAM data model for reforestation projects. This model is the recognised method for calculating the reforestation-based carbon yield that you can expect to earn.


This whole ‘FullCAM’ thing can be hard to wrap your head around, but we make it as simple as clicking a button.

Pretty soon, we will also have some great tools for scoping out soil carbon projects.

Crunch the numbers

Using your land’s carbon yield and your local knowledge, our software enables you to quickly compare different cost scenarios and get a feel for what you could earn over your project’s lifetime.


It gives good ballpark figures to quickly get across the headline numbers and how they relate to your operation. You’ll quickly understand all the profit drivers and how carbon farming compares to your other farming activities on a per hectare basis.

Coming Soon

We are working with landowners to solve real world problems every day.

Our software tool is being used on carbon projects across Australia. This ensures that we are only building features based on the genuine needs of people who are running projects on the ground.

We are constantly scouting the market for new technology. We work with these industry-leading technology providers to integrate their firepower into our software. This is so that we can be a one-stop-shop and that as a user you only need to login once and don’t have to jump from tool-to-tool to get the best carbon outcomes.

Very soon you can expect to see:

  • Soil carbon feasibility tools.
  • Farm Forestry feasibility tools.
  • Detailed project design tools, including stratification and soil sample pattern design.
  • Integration with the Clean Energy Regulator for 1-click reporting.
  • and much more…

Soil carbon features launch early in 2022.

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