Diversification. Made easy.

Our software helps you to understand and manage your new carbon revenue stream.


We are building a simple software platform that streamlines the entire process from start to finish:

When fully developed, DIY Carbon will include:

  • Simple mapping tools (no need for GIS specialists).
  • Management alerts and compliance calendar.
  • Integration with a range of existing software, sensors and farm management tools for data capture and analytics.
  • Integration with accreditors, for 1-click reporting.
  • Tools to secure project funding, engage sub-contractors, purchase inputs and trade carbon.
  • Seamless management of your portfolio of carbon projects within one easy to use platform.

Current Features

A free tool for assessing reforestation projects:

Explore your carbon yields

  • Scope your options with free feasibility and farm assessment tools. 
  • Scout the carbon potential of new acquisitions.  
  • Zero in on high carbon areas across your land.
  • Easily compare scenarios to enhance project profitability. 
  • Verify project costs based on real quotes and market analysis. 

How we built this...

We built DIY Carbon by integrating the Emission Reduction Fund’s FullCAM modelling capabilities into a more user-friendly platform.


This means that the CO2e yields that DIY Carbon calculates match the same CO2e measurements calculated by the ERF.


This takes out a lot of the guesswork and shows a clear picture of the potential CO2e yields, revenue, and costs of planting trees across your land.

Coming Soon

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Very soon you can expect to see:

  • Soil carbon feasibility tools.
  • Plantation Forestry feasibility tools.
  • Detailed project design tools, including stratification and soil sample pattern design.
  • Integration with the Clean Energy Regulator for 1-click reporting

Soil carbon features set to launch in 2022.

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