BushBank Program Announced to Support Biodiversity Projects

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The CFF is partnering with Cassinia Environmental to Support the Delivery of the Victorian Government’s BushBank Program. 


In exciting news for Victorian producers, the BushBank program has launched to provide funding for biodiversity projects across the state. The CFF is partnering with Cassinia Environmental to support the delivery of the Victorian Government’s BushBank Program. You may remember that we previously collaborated with Cassinia on Proten’s 200 ha biodiverse reforestation project in southern NSW in 2022 (read more about the project here). An innovative land management company delivering biodiverse solutions to carbon projects across Australia, we are excited to share this funding opportunity with producers in our Victorian network. 


The aim of the Victorian Government’s $77 million BushBank program is to address climate change and support wildlife by restoring more than 20,000 hectares of land across Victoria. Most of the work will be taking place on private land through partnerships with private landowners. Funding to cover establishment costs is available to landowners who are interested in the program. If you want to take the next step in seeing how carbon fits on your land and within your farming context, reach out and we can run a feasibility report.  


Let’s get into an overview of the program: 


What is the Bushbank Program? 

This exciting and innovative program provides private landowners with the opportunity to create biodiversity projects on their property. With Cassinia Environmental, the program’s key delivery partner, landowners will be supported in the development and implementation of their restoration project. By adding a partnership with the CFF these projects will also gain access to carbon investment opportunities and carbon credit markets. Participating in BushBank will involve restoring degraded land through planting native vegetation.  


How is the funding for private land being delivered? 

The private land stream of BushBank will be delivered over the next 15 years, with EOIs being assessed periodically. The next EOI will be assessed at the end of March for 2025/2026 planting. There is between $500 – $1450 / Ha in funding available to landowners who meet specified eligibility criteria. The BushBank program funds can be used to help cover the restoration and protection costs. Private landowners may also receive additional financial incentives when participating in the program through selling carbon. 


Who is eligible to receive funding? 

All land must be freehold within the state of Victoria, owned by a private individual or entity. Land must be eligible for permanent protection and private landowners must be willing to enter a conservation covenant with Trust for Nature. Land with an existing conservation covenant may be eligible provided other eligibility requirements are met. 


How can the CFF help? 

If you are interested in the Bushbank program and want to see how carbon stacks up, the first step is to reach out for feasibility support. We can assess your property, and generate a heatmap, to show you where is most profitable to plant trees in terms of carbon yield. With this information in hand, we can check project eligibility and complete realistic financial modelling to assess the opportunity. From there, the CFF is experienced in registering and managing the implementation of biodiverse reforestation projects. We can step you through the process with the resources and support you need to take advantage of this great opportunity to co-fund establishment costs. If you would like to have a chat about your project with our services team, reach out to hello@carbonfarming.org.au  


Where can I find more information? 

More information about the program and the EOI process can be found on the Cassinia website here.   


What are my next steps? 

Expressions of interest are open now for the private land stream of the BushBank program. Landowners may express their interest in participating in a private land BushBank project at any time using the EOI portal. 


If you are interested in the opportunity and would like to discuss the suitability of your land for initiating a carbon project with BushBank funding, give us a call or drop us an email. Our team would be happy to chat. 


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