Your land.
Your credits.

We help farmers to run their own carbon projects.


Do-It-Yourself Carbon Farming

We’re putting carbon farming back in the hands of Australian farmers.

Carbon farming is a huge opportunity for your business and the land. We guide you along a clear pathway towards running your own carbon project.  These projects are carefully integrated into the existing farming operation, getting real results without locking up productive land.  

Our focus

Soil carbon
Farm Forestry
Native Planting

Our Services

We provide tools, knowledge, connections, and ongoing support for your carbon project.

We’ve stripped away confusing industry jargon and streamlined carbon farming into an easy step-by-step process. We guide you and your existing advisors from start to finish as you navigate your own carbon project.


We bring you simple software tools, straightforward guidebooks and templates, online training, an unbiased knowledge library and ongoing technical support. We can also connect you with funding partners and local suppliers to assist in the delivery of the project. You’ll be fully equipped to run your own carbon project with confidence.

We're doing things a little differently

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You keep 95% of the credits

Our standard 5% share of carbon credits is the lowest in the industry and there are never any hidden fees or costs. 

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Lowest cost delivery model

Our DIY approach harnesses the talents of farmers to crash the costs of project delivery. The more you contribute, the more you are rewarded. Fair is fair. 

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No lock in contracts

The idea of locking anyone into a long-term contract doesn’t sit right with us. You’ll have transparent exit pathways to cancel at any time. 


Our software

We have built a tool for you to easily manage all aspects of your carbon project.

Our DIY Carbon software tool streamlines the process of managing a carbon project. The platform is built for the real world of farming and every step of the journey is broken down into simple step-by-step workflows. 


You can do everything from scoping out your potential profits, right through to planning and delivering projects to eventually selling your carbon credits.

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