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We help farmers manage their own carbon crops.

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Control your Carbon

We make it easier for farming businesses to tap into the carbon farming opportunity.

It’s no secret that sustainable practices are good for business. By building carbon in their system, farms can set themselves apart with that carbon-neutral tick, diversify their income and build more resilient soils, crops, and paddocks.


When they work with us, farmers can choose their level of involvement in a carbon project. The more work the farmer put in, the lower the costs. And as they have 100% control over their carbon crops, farmers keep 100% of the carbon credits.

Our Focus

Soil Carbon
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Native Tree Carbon
Plantation Forestry
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Carbon Scout Software

Our software lets you assess profitability, understand the business case and identify the best pockets of land for a carbon project.

An unbiased, simple tool that allows you to visualise how a carbon crop could be integrated within your existing farming operation. Pulling data from government approved models, Carbon Scout allows you to quickly adjust all the critical variables across a project lifespan to find the most profitable scenario for your farm. 

  • Scout the yield with carbon heatmaps to visualise potential at regional or paddock scale.
  • Map your project with simple to use tools.
  • Walk through assumptions step by step, tailoring feasibility to your own farming context.
  • Compare scenarios by modelling a range of different cost and revenue scenarios to uncover the most profitable option for you. Quickly get to the bottom line; with $ per hectare gross profit, $ cost per carbon credit produced, break-even, cashflows and more.
  • Generate a report and walk away with a 28-page desktop assessment to guide you along the next steps.

Our Services

Carbon farming services and solutions that are good for the planet and our customer’s bottom line.

We provide a variety of feasibility, set up and ongoing carbon farming services. Under our transparent and flexible delivery model, farmers have the freedom to pick from our menu of services that are best suited to their project requirements and budget.

We're doing things a little differently

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Keep 100% of the credits

We help farming businesses get closer to carbon neutrality.

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No smoke and mirrors

We have a transparent fee structure that outlines all fees and costs from the get-go.

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No lock in contracts

There is no obligation to continue with our services at any time during the project.  

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Giving farmers a choice

Farmers have the autonomy to choose and pay for the level of service they wish.

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All profits go back into helping Australian farmers grow carbon crops.

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