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Special Guest Webinar Series

The 6 Key Issues & Risks in a Carbon Farming Project with Lawter Matt Egerton-Warburton

August 2023

Tax Considerations for a Carbon Farming Project with Rohan Dunsdon from Bentleys Queensland

July 2023

The Due Diligence Framework to De-Risk Your Carbon Project with Lachlan Dunsdon from Acumentis

June 2023

Eligible Interest Holder Consent & Everything Your Bank Needs to Know to Initiate a Carbon Farming Project with Kristen Huey from Commonwealth Bank

May 2023

Integrating Commercial Trees: Is it right for your farm?
With Wendy Perdon from South West Timber Hub

March 2023

Collaboration in Carbon Farming with Heidi Mippy from Noongar Land Enterprise Group

February 2023

Lessons Learnt from a Carbon Project with David Martin from Weelhamby Farm

November 2022

A Crash Course on Environmental Accounting with Accounting for Nature®

October 2022

Soil Carbon Baselining 101 with Sam Duncan from FarmLab

September 2022

Q&A Webinar Series

Carbon Farming Supportive Policies & Programs

Carbon Farming Risks & Mitigation Strategies

Plantation Forestry Method Explained

Reforestation by Environmental or Mallee Plantings Explained

Soil Carbon Method Explained

CFF's Farmer-Focused Approach: Our flexible new service model