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Check out some Australian carbon farming projects in action!

Carbon Farming Foundation - Carbon Farming Projects

How We Help...

We’re facilitating the roll out and delivery of carbon projects across Australia.

Under our transparent and flexible delivery model, farmers have the freedom to pick from our menu of services that are best suited to their project requirements and budget.


CFF’s focus is to be compliance and project facilitation experts – working in the background to make sure that the project follows the rules, minimises risks and rolls out in a logical step-by-step process. The CFF connects landholders with local agronomists, foresters or other experts who can provide relevant technical advice, contractor services, and coordination support, specific to their region. This approach means the CFF team isn’t travelling all over the country racking up unnecessary project costs.

Here's a few examples of carbon farming projects we're helping roll out...

Cobram Estate Olives


Weelhamby Farm

Wide Open Agriculture

CFF's Demonstration Project - Canna

Bettergrow- Warragundi Aggregation

MH Premium Farms

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