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Heartwood's Carbon Farming Project

A Plantation Forestry carbon project in Victoria

Location: Gippsland, Victoria

Project Methodology: Plantation forestry method 2022. A combination of Schedule 1 (newly established) and Schedule 2 (short rotation to long rotation) 

Project Size: 452 hectares

About the Project: Heartwood joined the CFF flock earlier this year, when they approached us to do some initial feasibility work to assess the financial viability of layering carbon farming on three properties that they acquired in the Gippsland area. A company that keeps environmental stewardship at the core of their values, we were intrigued by their approach to plantation forestry and eager to tackle the challenge of seeing how carbon could stack up in their operation. The interesting point of differentiation for this project? Their desire to make the plantations more biodiverse and manage the project so that it fit in more harmoniously with its surrounding environment. 

Learn more about their project here