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Plantation Forestry Services

We can help get your plantation forestry project set up and running successfully. 

The CFF is a remote team that provides long-term support and services for the life cycle of a carbon project. We have a flexible service offering that gives landowners the choice to use our remote services team as much or as little as needed.


We offer feasibility, set up and ongoing project services that will ensure your plantation forestry project is firing on all cylinders and compliant with the relevant methodology requirements!

What is a Plantation Forestry Project?

Let’s start with the basics.

A plantation forestry project aims to sequester carbon as trees are grown and managed within a plantation across a 25-year project crediting period. This includes the carbon stored in trees as well as the debris and harvested wood products.


By storing carbon within your plantation and its products, you are removing carbon from the atmosphere. This removal – and subsequent increase in your carbon stocks – earns you Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs). Australian plantation forestry projects are typically run under the Emission Reduction Fund’s 2022 Plantation Forestry Methodology

Different Schedule types.

Under the Emissions Reduction Funds 2022 Plantation Forestry Method, there are four different ways to earn ACCUS. Each of these management approaches is referred to as a Schedule.


The different Schedule options are:

  1. Establish a new plantation
  2. Convert existing plantation from short to long rotation
  3. Continuing plantation activities (rather than converting to agricultural land or similar)
  4. Transition to permanent forest

Some helpful resources to get you going.

Where to Get Started

First things first... let’s check that your property is eligible to proceed with a plantation forestry project.

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