Rewarding the Heroes of Net Zero

Making it simpler and cheaper for farmers to integrate profitable carbon crops into their operation.


Our Mission

The CFF was built on the belief that farmers are the heroes of achieving net-zero emissions globally.

Getting carbon flowing through an existing farm system is a huge opportunity to achieve carbon neutrality, boost a farm’s bottom line and enhance the productivity of soils, crops, and paddocks. Ultimately, we want to see healthier landscapes, and more money in a farmer’s pocket.


Because we think farmers deserve to be rewarded for continually progressing towards more sustainable and efficient production and ultimately for leading the world towards net-zero.


Let’s put some cards on the table. These core principles shape our approach to any carbon projects:

  • Carbon crops should be strategically integrated into an existing farming operation. Growing carbon crops is about boosting overall farm productivity and creating another revenue stream for the farming business.
  • No one understands a farm better than the people already managing it and they should have the most say in how carbon is integrated into their farming system.
  • Like any other crop, farmers should pocket their yields from their carbon crops and have the freedom to hold their carbon credits as an asset, trade them, or use them to be carbon neutral.
ACNC Registered Chasrity

As a registered not-for-profit, all profits that come into the organisation go back to helping Australian farmers grow carbon crops.

Our Team

We're here to be your champion

Every member of our team has practical experience within the agricultural sector.  And we wouldn’t have it any other way. We know the challenges you’ll face with carbon farming and we’re here to help you.

Kirra Fisher

Kirra Fisher

Clare Tansley

Sarah Heldsinger

Sarah Heldsinger

Scarlet Roxby

Katie Hawker

Duan Pater

Our Voluntary Advisory Board