1 Million Hectares.
10 years.

We are helping farmers to setup carbon projects at low-cost and mass-scale.


Our Purpose

Putting carbon farming back in the hands of Australian farmers.

We’re determined to see Australia’s carbon farming future flourish. It’s a future that wants to emerge. And handled well, it’s a future that can re-establish the critical role agriculture plays in our food production systems and in breathing new life into the land we all share.

But we won’t get there alone. Not without farmers.

Not without their generational knowledge of the land, not without their ability to action what we know needs to happen, and not without the just returns they’ll need to stay in the game.

That’s why we’re stripping carbon projects down into a clear step-by-step pathway, providing simple tools and practical support for the long-haul. We are working to ensure a fair deal and a resilient future for our farmers and for the communities that rely on them.

That’s us, that’s The Carbon Farming Foundation. Putting carbon farming back in the hands of Australian farmers.

ACNC Registered Chasrity

We will support farmers to regenerate landscapes, by running holistic carbon projects on one million hectares of Australian Farmland by 2030.

Our Team

We're here to be your champion

Every member of our team has practical experience within the agricultural sector.  And we wouldn’t have it any other way. We know the challenges you’ll face with carbon farming and we’re here to help you.