Australian Carbon Industry Code of Practice

Ensuring integrity within the carbon industry

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Since day one, we’ve been 100% committed to disrupting the carbon industry by providing landholders with fair and transparent carbon services that allow them to own and control their own projects. 


Integrity and transparency are our core values, and we strive to ensure our clients and partners are heard, respected and provided with excellent service. We will never overstate the benefits of carbon farming – we believe in presenting the facts and allowing landholders to decide for themselves. 

We’re a not-for-profit organisation, with revenue circulating back into ecological restoration projects. We believe in doing what’s right for the ecosystem and right for the stewards of our precious land resources. 


We are a proud signatory of the Carbon Market Institute’s Australian Carbon Industry Code of Conduct. The Code aims to: 

  • Define industry best practice for carbon service providers, project owners, agents, aggregators and advisers in Australia’s carbon industry;
  • Promote consumer protection and appropriate and open interaction with project owners, Traditional Owners and landowners;
  • Provide guidance to carbon service providers; and 
  • Promote market integrity, accountability and display international leadership in carbon project development.
We take concerns very seriously. If you believe we may have breached the Code of Conduct in any way, we encourage you to contact us on 

If for any reason, your issue is not dealt with to your satisfaction within 21 days, you can raise your concerns with the Code Administrator via the Client Complaint Form.