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We operate under a flexible and transparent carbon farming service model.


Here's how we help

We have proven experience in designing and managing carbon projects through to credit generation and reporting.



We offer three levels of feasibility assessments to suit your needs at different stages of your carbon journey.

Start of your journey. 
  • A quick back-of-envelope assessment of the carbon opportunity on your land as a first step.

  • FullCAM yield heat mapping (environmental planting projects only) $250 + $0.05 per Ha + GST

  • FullCAM yield modelling (plantation forestry projects only) $150 + $50 per simulation + GST

You’re ready to take a closer look. $1,500 + GST
We meet with your team to present the carbon opportunity and answer your questions. Based on your feedback, we send a finalised PDF summary of high-level feasibility including:
  • Eligibility criteria to ensure the project ticks all the boxes.

  • A snapshot of the project’s potential carbon yields, costs, profits, cash flow, risks and success factors.

  • A breakdown of the different CFF service offerings and their costs.

You’re serious about getting started and want to get stakeholders and your board onside. Price varies depending on project complexity. Average price range for a single property: $3,000 – $5,000 + GST

With this report in hand, you can develop a detailed risk assessment and financial budget for the project. The report includes all the information required to get shareholders or the bank on board, specifically:

  • Eligibility and suitability assessment.
  • Specific recommendations to enhance returns and manage risks.
  • Comprehensive scenario comparisons of yield, costs, gross profits and cashflow – giving the full picture.


Project Set-Up

We have proven experience in project design and planning services that ensure your carbon project is optimised for your land and following the relevant methodology requirements.

Our setup services are structured so that you can choose only what’s needed for your own context. You decide how much or how little support you need, and how much you want to take on yourself.


We keep prices competitive by providing a completely remote service, complemented by local experts. Every project is priced individually to make sure the project is tailored to your unique needs. 

We’ll assist you to formally register the project with the Australian Government’s Clean Energy Regulator (CER). 
You can choose for the CFF to assist with the following services:
  • Act as the project’s agent to liaise with the CER and administer applications to the ACCU scheme:

  • Collate, submit and monitor client (proponent) registration

  • Collate, submit and monitor project registration

  • Provide strategic advice and answer technical submission queries.

  • Contact relevant local authorities to confirm suitability, identify required approvals and support submissions.

  • Produce GIS project mapping in a compliant format.

  • Provide access to a range of CFF templates and checklists including fit and proper person, permanence plan, legal right, eligible interest holder and registration documentation.

If registering an aggregated project across multiple properties, we repeat all necessary registration activities from the list above for each of the additional areas. 

If choosing to add additional project areas to a registered project after the initial registration has been lodged, CFF can act as the agent to complete a project variation with the CER.

Once your project has been registered with the Clean Energy Regulator, it’s time to get started with planning and kick off. We hold your hand ever step of the way with expert project implementation support, specifically creating and refining the critical path to successful project establishment.

We support you to plan a successful project: 

  • Create a detailed workplan with project stages, milestones, roles and tasks. 
  • Conduct a project kick-off meeting, ensuring all relevant stakeholders understand objectives, strategies, steps, processes, and accountabilities for project delivery. 
  • Undertake mapping of project areas / carbon estimation areas (CEAs). 
  • Complete an eligibility assessment of project plans and areas (if required). 

We’ll connect you to our network of local suppliers, experts and contractors and support you in securing competitive quotes: 

  • Make introductions to relevant contractor, expert and supplier third parties. 
  • Source multiple quotes for project establishment deliverables. 
  • Review quotes for cost, quality and compliance, ensuring scope optimisation to meet the needs of the project. 
  • Provide access to a range of CFF templates including contractor quote requests and quality assurance checklists. 

We ensure the project is established to the desired timeline, optimised for performance and compliant with the method: 

  • Monitor progress against the workplan and provide regular timeline updates.  
  • Advise on strategies for cost optimisation, yield maximisation and optimal location of CEAs. 
  • Finalise detailed project planning and mapping in collaboration with contractors.  
  • Provide technical problem-solving advice and remote coordination support.  
  • Collate project establishment records in preparation for future reporting. 
  • Provide access to a range of CFF templates including ongoing management guide, due diligence checklist, emissions recording template and templates on all aspects of project establishment. 


Ongoing Services

Once your project is up and running, we're still here to help. We can assist with:

At least every five years after implementation, we can assist you to report progress to the regulator and claim your carbon credits:
  • Connections to third-party contractors to undertake any inspections or reviews.

  • Collation of data and evidence needed for submission to the regulator.

  • Complete, submit and monitor reporting paperwork.

  • Support to set up an ANREU account to receive credits.

A lot can happen in twenty-five years! Our team are available to provide ongoing technical and strategic support as needed. 
We can quote for deliverables or provide service on an hourly basis.
  • Junior Facilitator: $180/hour

  • Project Facilitator: $255/hour

  • Specialist: $295/hour

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