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We operate under a flexible and transparent carbon farming service model.


What are our Services?

Our menu of carbon farming services, solutions, and resources ensure that your project is ticking all the right boxes.

Under our model, the farmer is responsible for the implementation and management of the carbon project whilst the CFF are remote specialists who stick to compliance, technical and process side of things. Essentially, the more work the farmer takes on across the lifetime of the project, the less they pay.


If you’re interested in learning more about our services, please contact our team to request our Products & Services Brochure.

Our Unique Approach


The farmer comes away with 100% of their carbon credits.



We outline all our costs and fees for our services from the get-go. 



Farmers have the freedom to choose and pay for the project feasibility, set-up and ongoing services they specifically require.



We have a no-lock-in contract policy and there’s no obligation for farmers to continue with our services after feasibility analysis or project establishment.


Feasibility services


Set-up services


Ongoing services

Our Feasibility Services

We pull together essential information to help farmers validate eligibility, assess their opportunity, mitigate risk, enhance returns, and better understand their business case.

Here's what we provide you:

  • Back-of-envelope yield and feasibility assessment.

  • FullCAM yield heat mapping (Reforestation projects only).

  • FullCAM yield modelling (Plantation forestry projects only).

  • Eligibility criteria to ensure the project ticks all the boxes​.

  • A snapshot of the project’s potential carbon yields, costs, profits, cash flow, risks and success factors.​

  • A breakdown of the different CFF service offerings and their costs.​

The report includes all the usual information needed to get shareholders or the bank on board, specifically:

  • Eligibility and suitability assessment.
  • Specific recommendations to enhance returns and manage risks​.
  • Comprehensive scenario comparisons of yield, costs, gross profits and cash flow.

You're Happy to Proceed! What’s Next?

If you’re keen to hit go on your project, it’s time to get your ducks in a row so you can sign up for our services and get on the front foot for project planning.

Here’s how we can help:

  • CFF can assist in providing advice or recommending vetted expertise on your self-assessment. This includes expert site inspections, local cost verification and specific advice on the success of a project on your land.
  • A detailed CFF services proposal will be tailored to your project requirements and presented at this stage for your consideration.

Our Set-Up Services

We provide project design and planning services that will ensure your carbon project is firing on all cylinders and following the relevant methodology requirements.

Our setup services are structured to allow farmers to choose only what’s needed for their own context. We package our services in bundles for convenience, but farmers have the freedom to choose their level of involvement in the project. The more work they take on, the less they pay.

Here’s what we can offer:

  • Collation, submission and monitoring registration under the Emissions Reductions Fund (ERF)

  • Support with any local authority approval processes

  • GIS project mapping in a compliant format

  • Templates and guides to help farmers feel confident to take on those parts of the project registration process they elect to tackle themselves.

  • If choosing to add additional project areas to the registered project later (after the initial registration has been lodged), the CFF can act as an agent to complete a project variation with the ERF.

  • Project implementation support, specifically creating and refining the critical path to successful project establishment.

  • Connection to our network of local suppliers, experts and contractors, supporting the securing of competitive quotes and ensuring the scope of third-party services is optimised for the project.

  • Remote support to ensure the project is established to the desired timeline, optimised for performance and compliant with the rules.

  • Templates and guides to help farmers feel confident to take on those parts of project establishment they elect to tackle themselves.

Our Ongoing Services

You can call upon our team to make sure your project is ticking along nicely from start to finish.

Our services range from:

  • Connections to third-party contractors to undertake any inspections or reviews.

  • Collation of data and evidence needed for submission to the regulator.

  • Complete, submit and monitor reporting paperwork.

  • Support to set up an ANREU account to receive credits.

  • Templates and guides to help farmers feel confident to take on the ongoing project requirements.

  • Ongoing technical and strategic support as needed.

Keen to Chat about a Carbon Project?

We’d love to hear about your property and help you explore the feasibility of a carbon project.

Email us at or give us a bell at (08) 6835 1140 to be connected with one of our project facilitators.

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