Your project. Your profit.

We can guide you to run your own low-cost carbon project.


Our Model

We have developed a do-it-yourself model that delivers more profit to landowners.

Until now, if you wanted to run a carbon project, you’d basically get two choices: sign up with a carbon project developer and see 30-50% of the carbon credits go out the door, or go it alone.

We have developed an ‘in-between’ model where you are actively involved in setting up and running your own carbon project, but with all the resources, guidance and support you need along the way. This common-sense approach values local skills and cuts out unnecessary costs, leaving 95% of the carbon credits in your hands.

Our services are built on the following principles:

  • No one understands a farm better than the people currently managing it.
  • Farmers can run their own carbon projects at a fraction of the normal industry cost.
  • Farmers deserve to retain the lion’s share of carbon credits from their land.
  • Locking-up huge tracts of good farmland makes no sense.

We offer services across Australia, focused on Soil Carbon, Native Reforestation and Farm Forestry.

What we bring

We put carbon project developer knowledge and tools into your hands


Technical support.  

  • A dedicated team available for all your compliance and project support needs.  
  • Working across multiple-methodologies and certification standards.  
  • Template reports, land management strategies and other project documentation.  


Knowledge and education:  

We keep our finger on the pulse, so you don’t have to. Throughout the lifespan of a project, we provide:  

  • Toolkits, guidebooks and field resources for landowners.  
  • Industry news and updates on new opportunities in the sector or methodology changes.  
  • Peer-to-peer training platform with exclusive learning content, training opportunities and resources. 
  • Video tutorials with simple’ how to’ demonstrations for specific carbon farming practices and activities (e.g., tree planting).  


Funding and trading partners:  

Embedded within our digital platform, we provide connections to Australia’s most reputable brokers of:  

  • Forward contracting opportunities. 
  • Project funding (debt and profit share-based finance). 
  • Spot-market and private trading to secure the best price for carbon credits  


Vetted service providers:  

We are building a national network of certified product and service providers:  

  • Easily generate multiple quotes. 
  • Standard contactor briefs and service contract templates. 
  • Ratings, reviews and quality assurance.  
  • Group purchasing power and CFF discounts.  


Easy to use software package:  

Our services are delivered end-to-end through a simple software product. Click here to learn all about it.  


Assess your suitability

We’ve got a range of free tools you can use to estimate the potential carbon yields on your farm. With interactive mapping tools so you can identify carbon sweet-spots.


Understand the bottom-line

We have a free calculator tool that allows you to explore different cost and revenue scenarios, to see the impact on project profitability. You can quickly understand the $ per Hectare returns from carbon farming.


Get a feasibility assessment

We can produce detailed feasibility and risk assessment customised to your farm. With no exclusivity periods or obligation to continue with our services. 

Our Unique Approach

A farmer-first delivery model.

A fair deal  

We spell everything out in black-and-white. There are no sneaky legal clauses or hidden costs. The more you contribute, the more you are rewarded. We never ask for more than is fair and don’t have lock-in contracts.  


Making it easy  

The carbon farming game can be a confusing minefield for a new player. We break things down into a simplified step-by-step process. The entire project can be managed in our easy- to-use software tool.  


With you for the long haul  

We go to bat for farmers, working to navigate red-tape and regulation for the life of a project. We share the risk of project failure. When you succeed, we succeed.  


Real results  

Most of our team grew up farming, so we understand that practicality comes first. We thrive on finding real world solutions to avoid and overcome any hurdles to project success. Our science-based approach will help you to translate the project plan into solid results.  

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