Your project. Your profit.

We have developed a do-it-yourself model that delivers more profits to landowners.


Our Do-It-Yourself Model

We’re breaking new ground with this Do-It-Yourself Carbon Farming Model that puts farmers in the drivers’ seat and cuts out unnecessary third-party costs.

This no-frills approach gives the farmer the freedom to choose their level of involvement in a carbon project. The more work the farmer put in, the more profits they receive.


Under the DIY model, we are a remote team that work in the background to make sure the farmer has dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s during their project. We like to think of it as the farmer handles the project side of things, and we handle the red tape side of things.


Our services, in a nutshell, will include:

  • Long term technical support and advice for the life of a project.
  • Software that automates the processes and lays a carbon project out into a simple step-by-step process
  • Training, guidebooks, templates and learning resources to set the carbon crops up for success.
  • Connection to trusted funding and trading opportunities, via partners.
  • We also draw upon a network of vetted sub-contractors and delivery partners, who can help on-the-ground

We think landowners should come away with 95-100% of the carbon credits from their carbon crops. As a registered not-for-profit, all profits that come into the organisation go back to helping Australian farmers grow carbon crops.

Our DIY Carbon Farming Toolkit

We are a remote team that provides long-term support and services for the life cycle of a carbon project.

Knowledge and education 

We keep our finger on the pulse, so you don’t have to. Throughout the lifespan of a project, we are aiming to provide:  

  • News and updates on new opportunities in the sector, such as co-benefit programs and funding.
  • Video tutorials, podcasts, practical learning content, training opportunities and resources.
  • Regular updates on any regulatory changes to carbon farming methodologies which may impact your project.
  • Land Management Strategy (LMS) template, Quote request template, Emissions calculation template, Reporting templates and more.
  • Simple project guide for your chosen methodology, Project approvals guide, ongoing project management & compliance guide, reporting guide etc.


Funding and trading partners

Throughout the project, we connect you to vetted opportunities for:

  • Project funding
  • Carbon trading
  • Offtake agreements
  • High-quality third-party service providers or specialists, as required


A national network of certified product and service providers

We source from a national network of proven trusted partners which include:

  • Agronomists
  • Foresters,
  • Reforestation consultants, advisors
  • Seed collectors,
  • Nurseries,
  • Machinery operators
  • Tree planting crews
  • Soil samplers and more…


Easy to use software package

We’re building a project management software platform called DIY Carbon to streamline our services. Current features include: 

  • Scope your options with free feasibility and farm assessment tools.
  • Scout the carbon potential of new acquisitions.
  • Zero in on high carbon yields using heat mapping.
  • Easily compare scenarios to enhance project profitability.
  • Verify project costs based on real quotes and market analysis.

Click here to learn more about it.  


Assess your suitability

We’ve got a range of free tools you can use to estimate the potential carbon yields on your farm. With interactive mapping tools so you can identify carbon sweet-spots.


Understand the bottom-line

We have a free calculator tool that allows you to explore different cost and revenue scenarios, to see the impact on project profitability. You can quickly understand the $ per Hectare returns from carbon farming.


Get a feasibility assessment

We can produce detailed feasibility and risk assessment customised to your farm. With no exclusivity periods or obligation to continue with our services. 

Our Unique Approach

A farmer-first delivery model.

Giving a fair go 

As a not-for-profit, we don’t pull the wool over your eyes. There are no sneaky legal clauses, lock-in contracts or hidden costs. The more you roll your sleeves up, the more profits you earn.


Diversification made easy

We make it cheaper and easier to build carbon into the existing operation. We make sure that your project is following all necessary compliance regulations.


Skin in the Game

We go to bat for farmers,  navigating compliance standards and regulations for the long haul of a project. We share the risk of crop failure. When the farmer succeeds, we succeed. 


Real results  

Most of our team grew up farming, so we understand how farming businesses are operated. We help find practical solutions to overcome any potential snags during the project. We want to help you generate real yields from a carbon crop.

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