MH Premium Farms

Building soil carbon and productivity

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MH Premium Farm's Carbon Farming Project

A soil carbon project in the Northern Tablelands region of NSW

Location: Northern Tablelands, NSW


Project Methodology: ACCU Scheme – Soil Carbon 2021 Methodology.


Project Size: 670 hectares


About the Project: The 883 hectare Serendipity property was purchased by MH Premium in December 2020 and has continued to operate as a conventional grazing farm with both a prime lamb and cattle breeding enterprise.


A soil carbon project was registered in June 2023. The Proponent, in conjunction with its farm manager, will change the management practices used on Serendipity to increase soil organic carbon levels on this property while continuing to operate the property as a productive and profitable part of the local farming community.


100 baseline soil samples were collected and analysed by Precision Pastures in Jan/Feb 2023.

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