Cobram Estate Olives

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Cobram Estate Olives' Carbon Farming Project

A native tree carbon project in Victoria

Location: Boundary Bend, Victoria


Project Methodology: Emission Reduction Fund’s Reforestation by environmental or mallee plantings FullCAM methodology


Project Size: 280 hectares


About the Project: CFF worked with Cobram Estate to plant over 200 hectares of trees across their Boundary Bend property. Their tree carbon project aims to significantly enhance local biodiversity, exclusively using mixed natives and mallee eucalypt species which are planted in strategic locations across the property to mirror some of the existing remnant vegetation found in the landscape.


The CFF is proud to play a part in Cobram Estate Olive’s first foray into carbon farming. We’re excited to share further updates as the seeds begin to lay roots and the leave appear. 

Learn more about their project here

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