Our Big Tip: Don’t Delay Project Planning

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The Clean Energy Regulator can take up to 90 days to provide project approvals, so get cracking on your registration with CFF today!


If you’re appraising your carbon farming opportunity and wondering whether to take the plunge, it’s crucial to build lead-time for project registration approval into your carbon farming management plan. 


For your project to be eligible for carbon credits, it must satisfy the Clean Energy Regulator’s (CER) “newness” requirement – in other words, you cannot commence your on-site project activities prior to receiving your project registration approval. That means no trees in the ground, or no new project activities to build soil carbon, until you’ve got the official tick from the CER. 


Tip 1: Plan Ahead & Count Back the Days

The CER has advised processing and approval times are up to 90 days from project registration submission. As this is a hefty time frame, we’d recommend working back from when you plan to kick-off your carbon farming activities to ensure you have enough scope to complete earlier project requirements, in-line with your objectives.


Tip 2: Make Sure You Have a Time Buffer

We would also recommend allowing a little buffer time on top of the 90 days. This is because if, for whatever reason, an issue is identified in your registration submission, then the CER is no longer obligated to remain within the 90-day window and timings may push out further.


Tip 3: Make Sure You Have Your Ducks in A Row 

Depending on how far you’ve progressed your project, before you can even make your project registration application and start the clock ticking on CER approval you may need to:

  1. Complete your feasibility report and self-assessment,
  2. Undertake due diligence, make contractual arrangements, and

Undertake some design and planning, so, if you’re interested in delivering a carbon farming project in 2023, now is the time to move forward. While each stage takes time, we can help you simplify and streamline the process. Contact our friendly team and get your project moving today. 


Keen to hear more?

Explore our range of educational resources in our Carbon Farming Education Hub where we frequently publish educational articles, webinars, and guidebooks. 


When you’re ready to explore the feasibility of undertaking a carbon project on your property, email us at hello@carbonfarming.org.au or give us a bell at (08) 6835 1140 to be connected with one of our project facilitators.

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