November Acronym of the Month – ANREU

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We’ve waded through the jargon to give you the next snapshot understanding of a carbon-related acronym to digest over your morning coffee.


ANREU. Ann ree you? Ann roo? An are you? Ay en are ee you?


We’re not sure, but it stands for the Australian Registry of National Emissions Units – which is a bit of a mouthful anyway.


The ANREU is secure electronic registry that tracks and stores credits issued to projects approved under the ACCU scheme, as well as other emissions units issued under the Kyoto Protocol. You or your company will need an ANREU account if you wish to own, sell or retire ACCUs. Think of it as a bank account or share account – except it holds ACCUs instead of money or shares.


If you are participating in the ACCU scheme project, such as through an environmental planting or soil carbon project, you will need to set up an ANREU account prior to your seeking credit issuance through your first offset report. This can be coordinated through your CER Online Services Portal. Regulator approval of your ANREU application will take around 90 days, so we suggest you set this up well in advance.


Once you have ACCUs in your account, you can choose to hold, trade or sell these – its up to you.


Ready to find out more?

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